EQMC is the leading, award-winning active investor in the European, listed small and mid-cap space, one of the best performing funds of its kind. It has an active ownership strategy which has achieved 15% net annualized returns since its inception in January 2010. The fund has outperformed indexes by 170% to 220%+ as well as most hedge funds, with controlled risks while typically holding a small net cash position with no leverage.

The fund’s portfolio of 12 to 15 companies is managed by an investment team which is disciplined, thorough and held to strict value metrics for the investments it makes. EQMC has around €1.3bn AuM under the strategy. Our 12-person portfolio management team is supplemented by a group of advisors with executive level experience and connections to boards across Europe.

QMC III is our active open-ended fund focused on Iberian market which invests in a concentrated portfolio of 10 to 12 relevant minority positions in Spain & Portugal listed small and mid-cap companies. QMC III is the only fund developing an active ownership strategy in Iberia.

Our local knowledge is crucial for a successful engagement strategy due to the idiosyncrasies of its small and mid-cap space. Our team has successfully managed this strategy since 2003, outperforming its Reference Index by 260%+ (cumulative) over these last 16 years. The fund aims to achieve outstanding long-term returns, maximum decorrelation and alpha by investing in fully tested “bullet-proof” assets and unlocking shareholder value driving constructive change.

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