Alantra offers a challenging environment in a  growing international firm with a solid local presence in 21 countries.

You will be able to develop your professional career in a firm with a business model based solely and exclusively on the work, talent and know-how of its professionals.

From day one you’ll find ongoing international tailor-made training programs designed to enhance hard and soft skills and constant feedback.


The Alantra Training Program is designed to ensure that our professionals receive ongoing expert training (provided by sector professionals) with a clearly practical bias.

The program is structured into two major areas: technical training, which is carried out in international groups by AdkinsMatchett&Toy, and management skills, covering communication, negotiation and leadership skills.


Evaluation is an essential step toward critical thinking which in turn drives organisational progress and change.

There are three formal tools in place for facilitating and driving this continual evaluation process: 360-degree assessment, the workplace climate survey and the annual performance evaluation, which is key to determining compensation and promotions.