• How do I apply?

    All candidates should apply through this portal. We have a specific application path for each country in which Alantra has offices. If you are interested in one of our businesses in particular, then you should make this clear in your application.

  • When should I apply?

    We do not have specific deadlines; opportunities are available on an ongoing basis.

  • What format should my CV and my relevant attachments be in?

    It is advisable that all attachments be in PDF form.

  • Should I still apply if I did not study Business or Economics?

    Yes, we actively seek to recruit talented people from all academic backgrounds.

  • Can I apply to multiple locations/positions?

    Yes, you may apply to multiple locations and business areas, although we recommend applying to no more than 3 positions at any given time.

  • Does Alantra hire foreign nationals and sponsor work Visas?

    Yes, we do not reject any candidate because of their need to obtain appropriate work authorization. You are free to apply to any business area or region of interest and we will consider your application(s) for the corresponding areas of the firm. It should be noted that any offer of employment issued will be subject to immigration approval being obtained prior to your start date.

  • When can I expect to hear back regarding the status of my submission?

    Our recruiters will do their best to get back to you within a few weeks of your application, depending on the recruitment time-line for a particular position and the volume of resumes received.

  • What type of training and professional development programs does alantra offer?

    Alantra hosts training for entry-level hires across the globe, in addition to offering ongoing training and development opportunities during the calendar year at all the different stages of a professional’s career.

  • Are there opportunities for mobility across global offices?

    Yes, the firm has a strong Mobility program that places high-performing individuals in a new office, typically for a period of minimum 12 months.