We make things happen

We are all builders of Alantra, not simply employees of a company. We are a diverse group of entrepreneurs, visionaries and aspiring professionals united under this collective purpose. We are a true meritocracy and we value excellence in service to our clients, community, investors and shareholders; we measure this through fair performance evaluation, and we hire and foster our talent to be hardworking, committed, driven and friendly. And once a professional is a part of our firm, we invest in their individual career progression through a combination of training and a clear development path. We have an infrastructure in place that ensures we maintain our meritocracy and ethical approach to doing business.

We are obsessed with efficacy. We harness our collective energy and excellence in execution to make things happen for our clients and for Alantra. And that means everyone at Alantra takes ownership and responsibility for their actions, from the most junior to the most senior. We also go beyond this; we seek complex challenges because it means we can put our creativity and skills to work.

The meaning of partnership

For us a company is a common set of beliefs and values shared by those who work in it. We understand that sometimes our beliefs and values may conflict. We believe that in the struggle between the forces of efficiency and economies of scale, and those of creativity and freedom, the latter come first. Alongside this endeavor, truth and transparency are imperative. We foster cooperation and put our collective project and duty first, while accepting that we will often disagree and challenge each other.

This approach to doing business has created success. And our success is directly connected to our ability to build Alantra, the brand. Because our partners own significant shares in our business, our senior leadership’s and our shareholders’ interests are aligned. This also means that at Alantra there are no individual stars; instead, we have a shared vision. We work together to achieve the best outcomes for the group.

Duty before results

We do the right thing by our community of clients, colleagues and shareholders in the long-term, not for the greatest returns in the short-term. We do not lend from our own balance sheet which means our profits solely come from doing excellent work for our clients. We nurture long-term relationships with our clients and those relationships are always more important than short-term gain for the firm.

  • 88%

    of our professionals are
    happy at work

  • 92%

    of our professionals understand the
    impact of their work on the business

  • 93%

    of our professionals feel they
    have autonomy at work