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    Investment tickets

Our Strategies

Alantra’s direct lending strategy started in 2015 with the launching of Alteralia I, a €140 million debt fund which has been fully invested in 15 portfolio companies. In 2018, we launched Alteralia II, a €200m pan-European debt fund. The objective of the direct lending funds is to provide European small to mid-sized companies with long-term flexible financing mainly for capex investments, acquisitions and debt refinancings.

Our loans, tickets between €8-10m to €40m, are generally up to 7-year bullet (having all principal repaid at the end of the life of the loan) and they can be senior or subordinated (mezzanine). This loan structure allows companies to minimise their debt service during the early years (as they only have to serve interests) allowing them to use the excess cash to accelerate growth. We support both private equity funds (LBOs) and corporates (sponsorless) covering all sectors except for financial services and real estate.

Alantra Real Estate Debt is aiming to provide long-term flexible financing for real estate companies, for all type of asset-classes in Spain, Portugal and Continental Europe, excluding residential development.
We provide financing for the acquisitions of real estate assets, capex (refurbishments/repositioning), refinancings, dividend recaps, etc. with a ticket range between €5m – €25m, and up to 80% LTVs.

Our loans can be senior or subordinated (mezzanine), bullet (having all principal repaid at the end of the life of the loan), with a minimum tenor of 12 months (from bridge financing to long term loans) and with cash and/or PIK (capitalised) interests adapted to the needs of the companies and their business plans. We cover all type of commercial real estate assets including offices, retail & shopping centres, hotels, logistics, student accommodation, care homes and other alternative real estate assets.

We offer flexibility, transparency, swift execution and a local investment decision-making process.

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