Alantra launches QMC III, a fund that will invest in listed Iberian midcaps

Date 24 September 2017

Type Alternative Asset Management

QMC III will take relevant minority interests in listed Spanish and Portuguese companies to which it will apply private equity techniques, thereby retaining the successful investment strategy of its predecessor fund, QMC II

Alantra Asset Management currently manages two funds that share the same investment strategy: Pan-European EQMC Fund, with 20% compound annual return* since 2010, and QMC II, with a 19% compound annual return* since inception in 2013

Madrid, 21 September 2017 – Alantra has announced the launch of QMC III Iberian Capital Fund, FIL (QMC III). The fund’s investment strategy will retain that of its successful predecessor QMC II Iberian Capital Fund, FIL (QMC II); specifically, it will take significant minority interests in listed Iberian small and midcaps with high asset quality, strong management, large growth potential, leadership in niche markets and solid financial muscle.

The fund’s goal is to maximize returns for its investors by managing a concentrated portfolio of 8-10 companies, supporting value creation constructively and promoting a very ample toolkit in the activist agenda (strategic and operational focus, financial optimization, corporate governance and communication improvements, etc.)

What sets the QMC product family apart is the application to mid-cap stocks of private equity investment techniques combined with deep capital markets know-how. The fund will not participate directly in the portfolio companies’ day-to-day management but will lend strategic management support to their executive teams through proposals devised to help them create value.

As in the case of its sister pan-European fund EQMC, QMC III is also structured as an opened-end fund.

* Return net of all commissions and costs