Navigating opportunities and challenges for credit investors and financiers, in a COVID-19 world

Date 2 April 2020

Type Insights

As the disruption brought on by the outbreak of the COVID-19 Global Health Crisis continues to spread through the credit markets, Alantra’s Credit  Portfolio Advisory (CPA) team considers how specific asset and real estate classes across the UK and Europe will both challenge and provide opportunities to credit investors and financiers.

In the short term, nearly all credit investments are experiencing delayed collections from borrower situations, regulatory moratoriums and a slowing of the real estate market. Meanwhile, a flight of capital from public credit markets to risk free assets has prompted credit investors to broadly focus on liquid public, over illiquid private, opportunities.

In this paper, Alantra’s CPA team specifically discusses how the challenges of short term and long term asset quality impairment, government and central bank responses and tightening funding will affect the credit and real estate landscape, presenting both challenges and opportunities for investors and financiers.

In unprecedented times, Alantra’s CPA team represents the largest and only independent, global financial advisor to banks and non-bank lenders. We have:

  • Excellent access to capital, including to those investors that are continuing to step forward and provide debt and equity in the current market;
  • Over 150 professionals across 3 continents, including 35 Pricing & Analytics team members capable of providing clients with credit (portfolio) valuations, data set analysis, cash flow analysis, business plan builds and ABS structuring;
  • Boots on the ground in key markets, who are operating “business as usual” and are able to quickly address strategic issues alongside our clients; and
  • A resilient business that is capable of quickly solving challenging questions for clients.

We would be happy to speak to you and  walk you through our analysis and discuss current market developments and how we can help. 

If you’d like to speak with our team, please reply directly to Andrew Jenke, Nick Colman, Joel Grau or any of our senior team mentioned in our paper.

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