Alantra advises the shareholders of Jifmar on its partnership with Marguerite

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Feb 2022
Sell-side advisory

Paris – Alantra, the global investment banking and asset management specialist, is pleased to announce that it has advised the majority shareholders of Jifmar (“the Company”), a leading French provider of integrated engineering solutions for marine and subsea projects in shallow waters, on the sale of a majority stake in the Company to Marguerite, a European infrastructure fund. As part of the transaction, Marguerite will acquire a 65% stake in the Company from RAISE Investissement, which has been supporting the company since 2016. The co-founders of the company will remain in place and reinvest in the Company alongside Marguerite.

Headquartered in Aix-en-Provence, Jifmar is a leading integrated marine and engineering solutions provider that operates a fleet of 45 vessels and a range of complementary equipment (remotely operated underwater vehicles, sonar, pontoons). The Company employs almost 300 people. Jifmar was created in 2005 to provide operational and safety support services to oil & gas companies. Since then, it has developed into a leading provider of engineering solutions for marine and subsea projects in shallow waters, expanding into the renewable energy, power, telecom, aquaculture and civil engineering sectors.

Founded in 2010, Marguerite is an independent alternative investment fund manager focused on infrastructure. Marguerite currently manages three funds, with total assets under management of €1.6 billion, including Marguerite II, a €745 million fund launched in 2017 with the participation of the European Investment Bank and the main European National Promotional Banks (including Caisse des Dépôts Group). Marguerite funds are designed to address the changing infrastructure landscape in Europe, seeking out capital intensive, sustainable investment opportunities with a particular focus on the Energy (notably renewable energy), Digital, Waste and Transport sectors. 

With this transaction, Marguerite will support Jifmar in its transition to next-generation offshore service vessels operations, addressing the decarbonization challenges of the sector. Jifmar is an innovative company that has thus far taken steps towards the decarbonisation of its fleet by implementing dual fuel or hybrid-electric motoring solutions. Also, the Company is developing the Canopée project with Zéphyr & Borée, which entails the construction and operation of the first modern wind-propelled cargo ship specially designed to transport Ariane 6 launcher components from Europe to French Guyana.

As part of the transaction, the co-founders of the company, Jean-Michel Berud, CEO, and Foad Zahedi, chairman of the supervisory board, will remain in place and reinvest in the company alongside Marguerite. The transaction is expected to be completed in Q2 2022.

Fabrice Scheer, Managing Partner of Alantra, commented: “We are excited to have supported Jifmar on its partnership with Marguerite, a transaction that will support Jifmar’s positioning as a leader in offshore marine services, bringing to the Company a strong network within the energy and telecommunication sectors as well as new investment capabilities.”

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