Country Accounting Capital NPEs Other
Global Implementation phases of the margin requirements for non-centrally cleared derivatives extended by one year (BIS) Implementation of outstanding Basel III standards delayed (BIS) BIS issues guidance on ECL accounting frameworks (BIS)
EU ESMA recommends audit reporting changes to national accounting bodies (ESMA) Pillar 2 requirements relaxed with banks able to fully use capital and liquidity buffers (ECB) EBA provides guidance on government moratoria (Alantra)

Supervisory flexibility introduced by ECB for treatment of NPLs (ECB)

Banking dividends prohibited (ECB)

Banks urged to show restraint on bonuses (EBA)

EBA allows bank to delay supervisory disclosures (EBA)

Short-sellers have to disclose any positions >0.1% (ESMA)

UK Accounting and regulatory reporting deadlines amended (BoE) 2020 stress testing cancelled and reporting timelines amended (BoE)

Countercyclical capital buffer reduced to 0% (BoE)

Changes to VAR back-testing approach (BoE)

Guidance released on ECL accounting (BoE)

Personal guarantees prohibited on government backed loans <£250k (Guardian)

Insolvency laws to change (Gov)

Banking dividends and cash bonuses for senior staff suspended (BoE)

Deadline extension for the termination of the use of the Libor interest rate benchmark in new loans March 2021 (NY Times)

European member states Countercyclical capital buffer reduced to 0% (CBI) GR: Extension of primary residence protection scheme (Mononews)

EP: New legislation allowing for more flexible insolvency proceedings receives approval in parliament (Expansion)

LATAM BR: CVM extends regulatory reporting deadlines (CVM)

AR: accounts filing deadlines extended 60 days (CNV)

PE: financial statement presentation extension (Gestion)

BR: Central Bank eases rules and deadlines for the formation of consortiums (BCB)

BR: Central Bank amends tax treatment for hedging and capital abroad (BCB)