Our Values

  • Integrity

    We act in a responsible manner with long-term focus, even at the expense of short interests

  • Equality

    We guarantee equal opportunities for all our employees in a non-discriminatory environment

  • Teamwork

    We work together to achieve a common goal, driven by the same mission and values

  • Employee empowerment

    We give our employees the flexibility and trust to realize their maximum potential

  • Efficacy

    We focus on turning ideas into actions

  • Excellence

    We work towards obtaining the best results in everything we do

  • Entrepreneurship

    We apply an entrepreneurial mindset to all our projects

  • Sustainability driven

    We contribute to sustainable development, eco-efficiency and social progress through our activity and along the investment process

Alantra Private Equity Responsible Investment Policy

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UN PRI Website

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Alantra Private Equity ESG Performance report 2022

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UN PRI Public Transparency Report 2021

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