Alantra advises the shareholders of R Queraltó Group on the incorporation on Bunzl plc in its capital structure as majority shareholders



Feb 2023
Sell-side advisory

Madrid – Alantra, the global investment banking and asset management specialist, is pleased to announce that it has advised the shareholders of R Queraltó Group (R Queraltó), one of the leading online healthcare players specializing in orthopedics in Europe, on the incorporation of Bunzl plc. in their capital structure, as a majority shareholder.

Headquartered in Seville, Spain, R Queraltó started its operations as an orthopedic clinic’s traditional retailer. A decade ago, the owners decided to invest in digitalization which has since resulted in rapid growth and a strong global footprint – with sales in over 20 countries and international turnover representing c.35% of its top line.

Today, online revenues account for c.90% of R Queraltó’s sales, with a highly diversified business model (offering from wheelchairs to pet products) and channels (B2B and B2C).

Bunzl plc. is one of the leading companies worldwide specializing in distribution services with a market capitalization that exceeds €11.5bn and a highly diversified revenue split – in which Healthcare accounts c.€1bn.

Last year, R Queraltó instructed Alantra to find a partner to support its international expansion plan. Alantra leveraged its global reach to conduct a competitive process among strategic and financial candidates. After receiving strong interest from different investors’ profiles, the owners decided that Bunzl plc was the best partner to foster this growth.

R Queraltó expects Bunzl’s global reach and strong industry knowledge will drive its growth, as it leverages the existing platform, leading position in the healthcare e-commerce market, strong brand, and outstanding operational excellence. R Queraltó shareholders will continue leading the business in the coming years, alongside other digital projects including Rolando Digital.

The transaction further highlights the success of Alantra’s e-commerce practice, having previously advised the shareholders of Madrid Hi-Fi in Spain, the founders and shareholders of KW-Commerce and Babytuto

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