Alantra advised the shareholders of Eductive on the sale of the company to LFPI

SECTORBusiness Services; Consumer Goods & Retail


Jul 2017
Sell-side advisory

Created in 2011 following the merger of the two independents groups Sciences-U and IFSP, Eductive has become a leader in the private education sector in France with 7,000 students spread in 14 cities and 17 facilities, and covering a number of 15 business fields (Finance, Marketing, Web, Arts, etc.)

LFPI, in partnership with Rodolphe Léon, the historical majority shareholder and CEO of Eductive who retained a minority stake in the transaction, will support the next growth phase of Eductive, driven by a mix of organic developments – notably the launch of Bachelor courses and the development of an e-learning offering – and build-up opportunities.

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