Alantra Global Technology Fund

Date 10 May 2021

Type Alternative Asset Management

Madrid – Alantra, the global investment banking and asset management specialist, today announces that it strengthens its technology capabilities in Asset Management with the launch of Alantra Global Technology Fund (“AGTF”), which focuses on growth equity public investments exposed to technology and related sectors that benefit from digital disruption.

AGTF is a UCITS open-end growth-oriented public technology fund focused on North America, West Europe, China, and South East Asia investing in technology and related sectors. The vehicle follows an active management strategy with target returns of 15% – 18% which is not guaranteed, disciplined risk management, and a concentrated portfolio of 25-30 positions, subject to the UCITS concentration limits.

Following a 3-year investment horizon, the team identifies multi-year winners in large and growing markets. It targets companies in the early innings in disrupting global industries, such as transportation, media, retail, finance, travel, manufacturing, healthcare; in themes that are emerging, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, autonomous driving; and in those that have decades of a long runway, such as cloud, e-commerce, workforce digitization, accelerated compute and cybersecurity. The specific digital transformation strategy was implemented in April 2018 in a portfolio paper for which the cumulative return was 128% from April 2018 to December 2020 (CAGR of 36%), which compares with the cumulative return of 79% of the MSCI IT Index (MXWD0IT) or 87% of the Nasdaq1. Past performance should not be taken as a guarantee of future performance.

The fund launched on November 10th, having received recent approvals, the initial portfolio is over 90% deployed, with the attention now turning to growth in AuM.

Alantra Asset Management’s technology team

Alantra Global Technology Fund and its portfolio companies benefit from the experience of its team members, starting with Fiorangelo Salvatorelli, CIO/Partner, and Kulbinder Garcha, PM/Partner of AGTF. The investment team, which combines a total of 50 years of investment track record and extensive experience in buy-side and sell-side in the technology sector, has a stake in the fund to ensure interest alignment with its investors.

In the words of Jacobo Llanza, Managing Partner and Head of Alantra Asset Management: “Alantra Global Technology Fund is an attractive value proposition for our clients, that will enable them to access opportunities of disruption and innovation technology, one of the fastest-growing segments to date. We are pleased to have Fiorangelo and Kulbinder joining Alantra Asset Management, they both bring a sound knowledge of the technology industry and an extensive track record in analysis and investment. Their addition will help us to grow our thematic investment offer in Europe”.

1Based on the performance of a portfolio paper during the period from April 2018 to December 2020 which has been implemented by the anchor investor of the Fund. The performance of such portfolio paper has been audited by Deloitte & Touche the audit report is available on request.