Oriane Durvye


SECTORConsumer Goods & Retail; Business Services; Food & Beverage; Technology

ServiceM&A; Debt Advisory; Strategic Advisory


Oriane Durvye’s career has focused on M&A for almost 15 years. After 9 years spent with the German M&A advisor goetzpartners Corporate Finance, she co-founded Alantra France in 2015. Since then, she serves as a Partner of the Paris office. Aside from her deal responsibilities, Oriane is also in charge of human capital management for Alantra France.

Mrs. Durvye advised on more than 40 deals across many sectors, notably in software, media, business services and food. She leads both the Food and Business Services groups in France, in coordination with her international counterparts.

She graduated from EM Lyon and the Stockholm School of Economics, and holds a DECF (Diploma in Accounting and Finance).