Chema Fernández

Operating Partner

ServicePrivate Equity

Chema Fernández has been involved in digital projects for more than 25 years. From leading the development of the first online banking in Spain, to being responsible of the whole digital transformation at El Corte Inglés. During this time, he also led digital business at Openbank, Telefónica, Havas, El Corte Inglés and currently combining his role of Operating Partner in Alantra PE with CEO of Spanish Optical startup Hawkers.

With a strong technical background, he helps companies to transform their business model, organizational model, and technological infrastructure to take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology and digital.

He has actively participated in the digital ecosystem as an investor / startups counsellor, VC fund advisor and mentoring entrepreneurs.

Chema holds a MSc in Computer Science from Universidad Politécnica in Madrid (UPM).