Supporting today’s scale-ups to become tomorrow’s SMEs: 10 editions of Alantra ScaleUp

Date 7 June 2024

Type Insights

  • The pro-bono initiative advises scale-ups with high growth potential when preparing their first institutional funding rounds with professional investors
  • Strong track record in Spain, particularly in the sustainability sector: funding has been commited for award-winning Aquacorp (a global leader in innovative water monitoring), Feltwood (a renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable alternative to plastic) and Cedrion (an air purification and cooling solutions provider based on proprietary ionic wind innovative technology).
  • Since the launch of Alantra ScaleUp in 2017, over 175 Alantra professionals have participated, offering more than 3,800 hours of pro-bono advice to close to 30 companies

Madrid – Alantra, in collaboration with Fundación Empresa y Sociedad, has launched the tenth edition of Alantra ScaleUp, a bi-annual program in which teams of Alantra volunteers provide pro-bono advice to six selected scale-ups per year on how to approach and engage with institutional investors.

Over the past seven years, 30 companies participated in the program, some of which have become highly successful and large-scale businesses (e.g. Citibox, Orquest, Indigitall). The initiative has had an important impact in securing funding for and helping scale innovative sustainability solutions.

In its most recent programs, Alantra ScaleUp has placed a special focus on highly innovative scale-ups in the field of sustainability, which included award-winning companies Aquacorp, Feltwood, and Cedrion. They share the mission of protecting the environment through technological innovation, while also creating significant value for shareholders.

Aquacorp specializes in advanced water monitoring solutions, using intelligent multispectral cameras and cloud platforms for real-time data collection from various water sources, supporting continuous monitoring across sectors such as drinking water, wastewater, watercourses, and agriculture. Their technology detects issues like turbidity and contaminants, providing early alerts for proactive management and environmental protection. With tools like the Automatic Effluent Control Service (SACE) and telemetry services using satellite data, Aquacorp enhances risk management and continuous non-intrusive water quality monitoring, contributing to improved water management practices.

Feltwood, a Zaragoza-based company, pioneers Feltwood®, a versatile material combining the moldability of plastic with the strength of wood and the organic nature of cellulose. Made exclusively from vegetal fibers, it offers a renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable alternative to plastic. Feltwood® utilizes agricultural by-products, like unused fruits and vegetables, to create toxin-free materials without additives. Its durability and versatility make it suitable for various applications, from single-use products to furniture and toys, promoting a circular economy through recyclability and compostability. Feltwood provides industries with an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Cedrion is a pioneering company specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of innovative ionic wind devices with two primary applications. Firstly, they focus on inactivating viruses and bacteria in air and on surfaces for the health and food industries, utilizing cold plasma technology. Secondly, they provide on-board electronics cooling solutions for the aerospace and automotive industry, featuring devices without moving parts, of any format, lighter, more compact, and entirely silent. Cedrion’s technology allows for efficient air cleaning and surface disinfection without generating waste, as well as improved electronics cooling with systems that are compact, lightweight, and vibration-free.

Enrique Medina, Co-Founder and CEO of Cedrion, said: “Our revolutionary ionic wind devices are transforming air purification and electronics cooling, paving the way for a cleaner, healthier world. The support we received from Alantra ScaleUp has been instrumental in securing institutional funding and enabling us to improve our market approach, better understanding our clients’ needs, and focusing on innovation to launch new products that further our mission of making a meaningful impact in various industries, from aerospace to healthcare.”

Julián Cepeda, Managing Partner & Alantra ScaleUp promoter, added: “Alantra ScaleUp has proven to be a success story in propelling promising scale-ups to the next level. We are extremely proud to see how the companies we spent time with in the past years continue to thrive, making a real impact across the economy. As we embark on the tenth edition of the program, we look forward to continuing to provide hands-on support to companies that will shape the industrial landscape of 2050, driving sustainability and innovation forward.”

Every edition concludes with the presentation of the final projects to the Project Award Committee, which acts as a first target investor, chooses a winner for the program, and may decide to invest a testimonial amount from Alantra’s balance sheet.