Is this the new normal? An update on financing through uncharted times

Date 18 May 2020

Type Investment Banking

For many weeks now, most of the globe has been in lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic. While healthcare systems battle to treat patients, business owners are struggling to stay afloat and manage their finances. The impact on humanity, both economic and health-related, is widespread and difficult to fathom. In these uncharted times, at Alantra, we believe that the most viable advice for mid-market firms is to prepare, not only to survive but to adjust business models for the potential “new normal”.

This article is intended to provide business leaders with perspectives and solutions to succeed in these difficult times. If the immediate need for companies is to refinance or even restructure current indebtedness, there are alternatives and supplementary funding options to government aid. Moreover, there is also an opportunity for companies with strong balance sheets to not only weather this storm but to come out in a better position when the crisis is over and industry consolidation begins.