Alantra advised Omnova Solutions on the acquisition of Resiquimica

SECTORChemicals & Polymers


Sep 2018
Buy-side advisory

Alantra, the global mid-market specialist, has advised Omnova Solutions Inc. (NYSE: OMN) on the acquisition of Resiquímica, S.A., a Portugal-based producer of resins and binders for the coatings and building and construction industries.

This acquisition will trigger the filing of Omnova’s presence in EMEA region and will enhance its production flexibility for specialty business. The combined businesses are synergistic and are expected to accelerate Omnova’s growth.

OMNOVA is focus on the production of emulsion polymers, specialty chemicals and engineered surfaces for a variety of commercial, industrial and residential end uses. Manufacturing and technical facilities are located in the U.S., France, China, and Thailand to service a broad customer base. Omnova has a market capitalization of $450 million, 2017 revenues of $783 million and c.1,800 employees. Resiquímica S.A., a company based in Portugal with 120 employees, is dedicated to producing and marketing polymeric binders for the paint, adhesive and composite industries, serving both the national and international markets. Resiquímica’s aqueous polymer emulsions and solvent-borne alkyd and acrylic resins are key elements used in a wide variety of residential and industrial coatings.

Additionally, unsaturated polyester resins from Resiquímica are targeted at demanding applications in marine, food storage tanks, and more. Geographic markets served by Resiquímica include Portugal, Spain, France, and North Africa.

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