Alantra advised Netline Perú on the sale of the company to Grupo Gtd



Mar 2017
Sell-side advisory

Alantra advised the shareholders of Netline Perú on the sale of the 100% of the company to Grupo Gtd for an undisclosed sum. Netline Perú is a company with more than 10 years of experience in the Peruvian telecommunications market, delivering connectivity with a special focus on the corporate segment. The portfolio of services includes managed security, interconnection links, fiber optic networks and telephony. Netline Perú owns the largest fiber optic network in Lima with an extension of more than 900 km.

Grupo Gtd is one of the largest telecom companies in Chile with more than 38 years of experience. Gtd entered the Peruvian telecom industry in 2015, in a joint venture with Grupo Romero through the establishment of Gtd Wigo, a company offering connectivity and wifi services through fiber optic. The acquisition of Netline Perú will allow Gtd to consolidate its operations in Lima and other cities.

In a recent statement, GTD General Manager Alberto Bezanilla said: ‘Our decision to invest again in Peru is based on the current economic conditions we see in that country, and on its great potential, thanks to its attractive client base and the additional portfolio of products and services that have been added to our business unit in Peru.’

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