Alantra advised the shareholders of Isaltis on the sale of the company to Macco Organiques

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Apr 2018
Sell-side advisory

Alantra has advised on the sale of Isaltis SAS, a portfolio company of Orium SA and CM-CIC Capital Privé, to Macco Organiques, Inc. The transaction closed on April 27, 2018 and the deal value was not disclosed.

Based in France, Isaltis is one of the premium players in the development and manufacturing of high-purity, bioavailable minerals, notably organic minerals. The company was formed in December 2011 when private equity groups Orium and CM-CIC Capital Privé combined Givaudan-Lavirotte (Est. 1898, Lyon, France) and Bernardy (Est. 1950s, Thénioux, France) to form Isaltis. Isaltis is one of the three largest providers, and the only pure player, of specialty organic minerals in the world. With sales in over 70 countries, Isaltis is experiencing growing demand for high-purity minerals driven by an aging end market population as well as health awareness/concerns in developed countries as well as the increasing access to Healthcare and personal care in developing countries.

Macco Organiques, based outside of Montreal, Canada with a subsidiary in the Czech Republic, develops mineral salts for the food, nutrition & pharmaceutical markets. Jean-Michel Alarcon, Isaltis CEO, said in a company statement, “We are very happy to become part of the Macco group. After having built the Isaltis group by bringing together two historic producers of mineral salts, Isaltis managed over the last six years to develop its international footprint and establish a recognized brand in markets with high regulatory requirements. The integration with Macco is a unique opportunity to amplify our development by benefiting from the Macco group’s know-how, competence, and resources.”

“The acquisition of Isaltis by Macco marks one of the very few cross-border transactions within the premium mineral market,” said Joseph Downing, Managing Director with Alantra. “The divestiture to Macco creates the undisputed world leader in high purity minerals and expands the company’s product range and footprint to include North America, Western and Eastern Europe,” he concluded.

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