Alantra advised the shareholders of H8 Collection on the sale of a minority stake to Labruyère Eberlé

SECTORReal Estate; Consumer Goods & Retail


Apr 2018
Sell-side advisory

Alantra has advised H8 Collection in the sale of c. 25% stake to the Labruyère Eberlé family. Founded in 2014, the hotel group H8 Collection consists in eight 4 and 5-star boutique hotels located in highly touristic French regions with a strong heritage: in the Camargue natural park, near the Pont du Gard, but also in Chamonix, on the Côte d’Azur, as well as in Paris.

The financial contribution of the Labruyère Eberlé family office will allow the hotel group to pursue its strategy of acquiring exceptional hotels, initiated since its creation, in France and abroad.

Labruyère family and the historical shareholders of H8 Collection share a “common DNA: the development of the French heritage, tradition and culture”. They both have the same ambition: “the promotion of the French regions, their influence and the development of the regional ecosystem”. For Labruyère group, currently active in the vineyards, commercial real estate and household equipment, this investment follows their long term strategy aimed at creating value through new expertises.

For Alantra, this transaction marks another step in strengthening its expertise in the real estate sector.

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