Alantra advised the shareholders of Entanet Holdings Limited on its sale to CityFibre Infrastructure Holdings



Value £29 million

Jan 2017
Sell-side advisory
Value £29 million

Alantra has advised the shareholders of Entanet Holdings Limited (“Entanet”) on its £29 million sale to CityFibre Infrastructure Holdings plc (“CityFibre”). Completion of the transaction is announced today. Shareholders include Mobeus Equity Partners and management.

Entanet is a wholesale communications infrastructure provider that uses third party networks to deliver a wide range of connectivity and telecommunication products and services to internet service providers. It is headquartered in Telford where it employs 100 people and generates revenues of around £36 million.

This acquisition forms part of CityFibre’s strategy to become the leading alternative wholesale full fibre network provider to Openreach. It brings together two complementary wholesale capabilities: CityFibre’s national wholesale fibre infrastructure and Entanet’s established wholesale product portfolio and commercial relationships with an extensive number of internet service providers.

Since its formation in 2011, CityFibre has become established as an independent provider of wholesale fibre infrastructure for internet service providers as well as for mobile operators, providing fibre connectivity services through designing, building, owning, and operating fibre optic network infrastructure.

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