Alantra advised Argos Soditic on the sale of BMF Group to a fund jointly managed by Rantum Capital and Cedarlake Capital



Sep 2017
Sell-side advisory

Alantra advised Argos Soditic, a leading pan-European private equity group focused on the mid-market, on the sale of its portfolio company BMF Group to a fund jointly managed by Rantum Capital and Cedarlake Capital.

BMF Group is the third largest ropeway producer worldwide with a comprehensive product portfolio including gondola lifts, chair lifts, aerial tramways, material ropeways, inclined lifts and ski lifts. The company is a technology leader in detachable ropeway systems. Furthermore, BMF Group provides leisure installations, such as ferris wheels and drop towers, as well as engineering, design and production services of machines and metal parts for various industries. BMF Group has around 320 employees.

Germany-based Rantum Capital and China-based Cedarlake Capital are jointly managing an equity fund primarily targeting companies with significant growth potential in Asia, in particular China, which is envisaged to be realized through the local presence and extensive network in the region.

Under the new ownership, BMF Group is well placed to further continue its strong growth path within the next few years, in particular in the APAC-region and urban transportation sector. The founding family Bartholet will remain invested and chairman Roland Bartholet will continue to strive for growth with his new financial partner.

This transaction illustrates the capacity of Alantra to execute valuable cross-border transactions for its clients involving several Alantra’s offices (China, France, Switzerland).

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