Alantra’s ambition was to become a truly international, integrated investment banking and asset management firm, devoted to the mid-market. In order to get there, we needed to achieve scale and size. Maria González de Apodaca, P

Partner in Legal

and Gonzalo López, Partner, Legal are two of the many hidden protagonists of Alantra’s success. Having spent over 10 years at the firm, they were the key protagonists of the merger between Dinamia and N+1, which led us to become the only investment banking and asset management firm quoted in Spain.

“I feel really proud of having participated in such a relevant transaction for the Group, which ignited the institutionalization of our firm” María González de Apodaca

This is was a complex transaction to undertake. Dinamia was a quoted company with no employees and a management contract with N+1. And given its listed status, the team had to be meticulous in protecting the interests of all parties in order to reach an agreement. Dinamia was advised by Banco Santander and Uría Menéndez, and N+1 by BBVA and Linklaters. PwC ran the legal and financial due diligence for Dinamia and Deloitte for N+1. The legal complexity and regulatory implications of creating the first listed company to specialize in financial advisory services and the management of alternative assets in Spain were huge for this team. Not to mention the broader implications for what this meant for our brand and professionals.

María González de Apodaca said, “I feel really proud of being involved in such a relevant transaction for the Group. It was the starting of the institutionalization of our firm and I was able to live it in first person. It allowed me to grow as a professional thanks to the autonomy I was given to manage certain parts of the process including managing advisors and prospectus coordination. I also enjoyed working with the different teams within Alantra from the legal, financial, management and investment departments in a truly team effort.

We presented the Alantra project to Dinamia’s shareholders as we thought it was the best alternative for all. We are now happy to see that most of them bet for our project and have benefited from it.”

Gonzalo López said: “I feel that this was the “transaction” for our people and for our clients and investors. I am very proud to have been part of the team that carried it out. We all did our best. This transaction was a great example of teamwork and a real proof of one of Alantra’s values of ‘’making things happen’”.

The Group resulting from this transaction became one of the leading financial services companies in the mid-market and has more than doubled its market cap over the last four years (+124% as of November 2019).