Our asset management business has grown over the years, incorporating new strategies and asset classes, attracting high-quality investors to diversify its investor-base, and by hiring new managers. We’ve been careful to approach this growth in the right way: By following a series of principles that have differentiated our business from the rest of the market and by prioritizing quality and results over rapid growth. We put our investors at the heart of what we do. And performance has always been our priority.

We’ve been careful to approach this growth in the right way: By following a series of principles that have differentiated our business from the rest of the market and by prioritizing quality and results over rapid growth

Why we’ve performed well

Over the years, Alantra has prioritized strategies with a fit within our principles:

  • A profound conviction for independence
  • GP commitment; alignment of interest with investors
  • Focus on Europe and mid-market companies with international presence
  • Hands-on and value-add strategies
  • Diversification and focus on alternative assets

This approach to business has generated strong performance for our investors and a wide market recognition. Pan-European EQMC Fund was ranked as #1 global fund on Barron’s Penta’s 2017 ranking with a 3-Yr IRR of 26.2%; we won the best Spanish LBO Fund of the year 2018 in the Private Exchange Awards; and our Private Debt Fund lead the 2018 Spanish hedge funds ranking with a net return of more than 6%, according to Inverco.

The best testament of our commitment to delivering the best results to our investors has been the bonds we’ve created with them. Over the years, we’ve implemented high-performing strategies which have resulted in repeating funds using the same strategies. So, while we continue to grow, our excellent performance has created a demand for successor funds from our investor base which tells its own story:

Four funds launched with a similar philosophy in private equity

    1. Dinamia (1997): Dinamia Capital Privado was the first quoted Private Equity vehicle in the Spanish market
    2. Alantra PEF I (2002): The Group launched its first fund targeted at institutional investors, with €176m in assets under management, which co-invested with Dinamia
    3. Alantra PEF II (2007): Five years later, the Group raised the Alantra PEF II, which had commitments of over €300m. The fund closed with a multiple on invested capital of over two times
    4. Alantra PEF III (2016): At the time, the Alantra PEF III was the largest fund raised in the Spanish mid-market after the 2008 crisis, with committed capital of over €450m. The Fund, which attracted significant support from previous investors and followed the same investment philosophy employed by predecessor fund PEF II, has a diversified investor base comprising fund of funds, financial institutions, development finance institutions and family offices. This milestone consolidated Alantra as one of the leaders in the mid-market PE segment in Spain


Four funds launched within the QMC strategy, which specializes in taking minority positions in a concentrated portfolio of European quoted midcaps to apply a friendly and hands-on approach focused on value creation in its investees

      1. QMC I (2003): The Group focused strategically on the creation of a direct asset management platform, launching a new line of investment vehicles: the QMC products. Specializing in taking significant investments in small and mid-cap listed companies, the remit of the first fund, QMC Development Capital Fund, was to invest in companies in Spain and Portugal. The fund had committed funds of €160m and was structured as a closed-end fund.
      2. EQMC (2006): pan-European fund EQMC was launched in 2010 under its current strategy. With committed funds of €240m, EQMC was the first fund developed by Alantra with Europe as its target investment scope. Driven by its performance (net IRR of 15.9% since inception as of H1 2019), the fund, which is structured as an open-end fund, has grown in assets under management grown upon achieving c.€1bn in assets under management
      3. QMC II (2013): The Group launched QMC II, which €140m in assets under management and followed the strategy of QMC I. The fund closed in 2019 achieving an annualized net IRR for the investor of +15.8% since inception
      4. QMC III (2017): Alantra launched QMC III, which is currently in fundraising.

Three funds have been launched in the private debt segment

        1. Alteralia I (2015): Alantra launched its first private debt fund, with €150m in assets under management and aimed at providing direct lending for Iberian private companies
        2. Alteralia II (2018): The Group launched its second private debt Fund, Alteralia II, with €200m in assets under management
        3. Alteralia Real Estate Debt (2019): Launch of the third private debt fund of the Group, focused on Real Estate