In December 2014 N+1 took a leap towards becoming a truly international, integrated investment banking and asset management firm. It became a quoted partnership through its reverse merger with Dinamia, the only listed private equity company in Spain. The move provided the Group with the benefits of being a quoted firm: strong Corporate Governance instruments, including a governing body responsible for the management of the group, a common business strategy and a constant monitoring of the business; as well as a strong balance sheet to support the Group’s strategy of growth and consolidation.

“Alantra combines the strong governance tools and solid balance sheet of a quoted company with the values of a partnership”

In parallel, the Firm maintained its partnership culture, around which the project was built. We firmly believe is the best way to ensure the Firm’s independence, long-term sustainability and the highest standard of commitment to the shareholders. This model ensures the partners can carry out their management autonomously, but at the same time take full responsibility.

Alantra’s differentiated strategy and solid foundations have allowed the Firm to grow significantly and become a leading player in the mid-market, with a solid presence in 21 countries and a unified brand and identity. This differentiated model has proven also beneficial for our shareholders, since we’ve grown our market capitalization by 124% to around €600m (as of November 2019) since becoming a quoted partnership, while maintaining an attractive shareholder remuneration.