In September 2016 N+1 adopted a new brand name and identity: Alantra. This was a huge step for us. We already were a sole company, which was united in its day-to-day work and in the way it supported clients but we were still branded as a collection of partnerships. We wanted to be one firm, one brand; Alantra was that brand and became our identity.

“We wanted to be one firm, one brand; Alantra was that brand and became our identity”

This new brand and its values were clearly defined by our professionals and dictated how we’d approach and evolve our business. We are a firm which strives to endure beyond its founders and become a lasting endeavor for the generations to come. We were aware that the path we had walked so far was nothing compared to the path before us; that our project was only starting out. In fact, we realized that we are always on the path towards transformation. And transformation required all of us to take stock of the fact that if we truly advanced, it would be a source of pride to have laid the foundations for an institution. “Adopting Alantra as our new brand is the best way to express our will to enter a new era. To have a unified name means to become a unified group. It also means establishing a new project among the partners of the 19 countries and different business areas in which we operate”, Corporate Thoughts (2016).

Today, after over three decades of working with mid-market clients, we know them well. We offer them real value. We have built very long-term relationships with them. And we look at the world through the same prism as they do; we progress at the same pace as they do. It is impossible to ring-fence the mid-market with statistics; these companies require a qualitative approach as the term encompasses a myriad of economic agents. And now, as Alantra, we continue to serve these clients under our unified one firm, one brand principle.