The New Alantra

To be what we want to be, we have decided to change our name to ALANTRA.

This is the best way to express our will to enter in a new era for all of us. To have a unified name means, first of all, to become a unified group. It also means to found a new project between the partners of the 21 countries and different business areas in which we operate.

The Question is Alantra

Corporate Thoughts around the change coming ahead


"It appears to me that in Ethics, as in all other philosophical studies, the difficulties and disagreements, of which its history is full, are mainly due to a very simple cause: namely to the attempt to answer questions, without first discovering precisely what question it is which you desire to answer" G.E.Moore, Principia Ethica

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N+1 becomes Alantra

Click to see the announcement of the new name


Click to see the announcement of the new name

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Alantra's Annual Report

Click to download Alantra's Annual Report


Click to download Alantra's Annual Report

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The Alantra Model

What is Alantra?


ALANTRA is a PROJECT, a firm being built by all its partners and professionals, a collective aspiration which aims to become an enduring institution for the generations to come.

ALANTRA is a GLOBAL FIRM, being founded by the partners of the 21 countries we are present in.

ALANTRA is an open firm, articulated around the principles of ENTREPRENEURSHIPPARTNERSHIPINNOVATION and FLEXIBILITY.

Our segment is the MID-MARKET, a space for growth, for new ambitions, for creative and innovative spirits. We grow with our clients, we share their mindset and we build very long-term relationships with them.

Business areas

Investment Banking

Alantra bases its investment banking activity on three pillars: the international reach combined with a solid local presence in 21 countries, its cross-border capabilities and its deep sector know-how.

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Asset Management

Alantra provides asset management and advisory services to institutional investors and family offices on a wide range of alternative assets with a direct investment and a very hands-on approach.

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Wealth Management

Our wealth management team advises over 450 high net worth individuals providing an integral service based on independence, specialization, capital preservation and search of positive returns.

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