Alantra Equities is a fully independent Spanish equities broker incorporated in 2010, established as a partnership between the team and Alantra (former N+1, the leading independent investment bank in Spain).

Alantra Equities has become one of the most well recognized brokerage firms by institutional investors both in Spain and abroad, consistently achieving top rankings in II & Extel surveys.

The brokerage firm follows three business lines: Research Services, Execution, ECM operations



Our best-in-class research team, provides in-depth research covering a broad range of companies (58) in Spain, and we plan to expand our universe further in order to cover everything which is “investable” in the region. Differentiated by a high local knowledge -we are based in Madrid, which allows us to be in very close and regular contact with the companies we cover- we offer our clients strong and valuable written research products as well as skilled and independent ideas.

The Research Team consistently ranks among the top-five short list of the most relevant institutional surveys.

The sales team hand picks the most appropriate and useful information and ideas for each client profile, ensuring that the client receives this information quickly and efficiently. Alantra Equities’ sales team provides services to relevant investors in the UK, continental Europe and North America, focusing on clients who appreciate and find valuable our products and services. Our sales services are tailor-made to perfectly suit each client’s needs.

Alantra Equities provides high-level corporate access through events and roadshows when its clients so require.

Alantra Equities has an in-house sales-trading and execution service, which is dedicated exclusively to its clients’ operations, not partaking in any proprietary trading activity, thus ensuring that there are no added conflicts of interest. The sales-trading and execution service has a high-end IT platform, which directly accesses the main European equity markets by means of all the relevant trading venues, allowing it to offer all the available liquidity (gathering it among the different trading venues and counterparties), as well as Best Execution compliance, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding professional investors.  Our execution team has no intention of being a “mass broker” but rather offers a high touch institutional service to our clients, with the aim of servicing only those clients who appreciate and find valuable our liquidity offer, minimisation of impicit costs, and higher percentage of best-price capture.

Lastly, Alantra Equities also has an operations team, which is dedicated to the monitoring and resolution of incidents related to clearing and settlement, which helps reduce operational risk for its clients.

Alantra Equities also carries out primary equity capital markets operations and corporate brokerage activities. Alantra Equities has participated in the IPOs of Unicaja, Neinor Homes, Euskaltel,  Talgo, Merlin Properties, Aena and Banca Cívica, as well as in the rights issues of Liberbank and Sabadell.

Alantra Equities is focused on the services it provides to its institutional clients, and considers it a priority to ensure full adherence to regulatory compliance. In order to do this, Alantra Equities has independent and specialised risk control, compliance, and internal audit personnel, as well as independent IT systems. It also counts with services provided by external consultants and auditors. In this respect, the Board of Directors, as well as the Management Committee, are both directly involved in these matters.

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