Unión Martín – Vertically integrated seafood company primarily specialized in cephalopods

type Current Investment

Date 2018

Business Description

  • Unión Martín (“UM”) is a Spanish leading vertically integrated seafood company present in all stages of the value chain (fishing, processing and distribution) with a special focus on the cephalopods’ segment (octopus, cuttlefish and squid).
  • The Company enjoys from a solid positioning in Morocco and Mauritania, which are the most prestigious cephalopods’ fishing grounds in the world and where the company has its own fleet of vessels, together with several supply exclusivity agreements with local shipowners.
  • Midstream-wise, UM has its processing facilities located in the Canary Islands and commercializes its products mainly through the wholesale and retail channels.

Value Creation

  • Support on the transition to an institutionalized company by reinforcing the management and commercial teams, as well as implementing a new ERP focused on improving control systems.
  • Consolidate UM’s vertical integration along the entire value chain by adding new fishing vessels to its existing fleet and increasing in-house processing capabilities, enabling the company to offer higher value-added products and formats to penetrate in new clients and markets.
  • Increase exports mainly to traditional European cephalopods’ consumers such as Italy and Greece, as well as in the US, which represents a fast-growing market.
  • Selectively analyse potential inorganic growth opportunities, including the acquisition of additional fishing vessels.