Salto – Market leader in electronic networked locking segment

type Current Investment

Date 2013, 2015, 2018 & 2020

Business Description

  • Salto is the market leader in design and manufacture of sophisticated products for the access control market (electronic networked locking segment), with a broad portfolio of products and solutions and a large installed base of approx. 3.0m doors fitted.
  • Very strong position in Europe and the United States with highest credentials in education niche (Princeton, Cambridge, University of Sydney) and the transport segment (Heathrow and Munich), and with 95% of the revenues derived from international markets.

Value Creation

  • Strengthen commercial footprint in the traditional market (Europe) while increasing the share in the less penetrated markets such us US and Asia.
  • Continue investing in R&D to keep-up the pace with the technological evolution in the electronic locking industry and develop new business solutions.
  • Strategic add-ons to complement product portfolio.
  • Strong management team reinforced through the incorporation of new members.
  • Production facility expansion to increase production capacity.