MonBake – Leading player in the Spanish bread and bakery (B&B) industry

type Current Investment

Date 2018

Business Description

  • MonBake, the resulting group from the merger of Berlys and Bellsolà, is #2 player in the Spanish frozen bread and bakery industry.
  • Strong industrial setting with 11 plants across the country dedicated to the production of bread, bakery and pastries, which are commercialized through a capillary distribution network to a large and diversified client base, including the traditional segment and modern distribution.

Value Creation

  • Integration plan and implementation of synergies to consolidate MonBake’s leading position in the Spanish Bread and Bakery industry.
  • Strengthening of commercial footprint in the traditional channel as well as increasing the share in the less penetrated modern and food service channel.
  • Expansion of production capacity and new product development.
  • Potential inorganic growth opportunities