MBA – Leading independent distributor of orthopaedic products in Southern Europe

type Current Investment

Date 2008 & 2018

Buiness Description

  • MBA is a leading independent distributor of orthopedic implants, anesthesia and surgical products with a portfolio range of 32,000 SKUs combined into 100 products and 10 product families. The company is present in Spain, Portugal and Italy.
  • MBA boasts OEM-like economics on the back of its robust business model, which is based on: (i) an attractive product offering, (ii) a dedicated and highly specialized salesforce, (iii) unparalleled service levels and (iv) best-in-class training to end users.

Value Creation

  • Deal structuring to execute a complex transaction involving the acquisition and subsequent merger of ~20 companies operating as a federation, creating a market leader in the med tech distribution arena.
  • Strategic stewardship to pursue organic and inorganic growth, including the expansion of the product portfolio.
  • Professionalization and introduction of operational improvements, enabling to generate efficiencies with impact in P&L and working capital (inventories).