HealthinCode Group – Market leader in the Spanish non-reproductive genetics market focused on cardio and rare diseases

type Current Investment

Date 2020

Business Description

  • HealthinCode (“HiC”) Group is the Spanish leading platform in the non-reproductive genetic testing market focused on cardio and rare diseases. HiC Group is the result of the integration of Imegen, Genycell and HealthinCode; three of the largest, fast-growing, and most reputed genetic companies.
  • Comprehensive business offering that meets clients’ internal and external demands of genetics through the distribution of genetic diagnostic equipment, the commercialization of diagnostic kits and the provision of analysis services.

Value Creation

  • Creating the leading platform in the non-reproductive genetic testing market; a one-stop-shop in terms of genomic solutions.
  • Establishing partnerships with large international players willing to introduce into the Spanish market new products or technologies.
  • Fostering the adoption of genetic testing by the private healthcare sector.
  • Strengthening HiC Group’s international presence.
  • Investing in R&D to develop new products (e.g. kits) and services (e.g. pharmacogenetics) to keep up the pace with new market trends.
  • Leading the consolidation play in a highly fragmented sector. Strategic focus on players that could either broaden the Group’s current product portfolio or grant access to new clients or geographies.