Betapack – Leading producer of plastic caps and closures for the beverage industry

type Current Investment

Date 2012

Business Description

  • Betapack is a leading Spanish company in the manufacturing and commercialization of plastic caps and closures for beverage and edible oil industries. The group operates two plants: Betapack (Spain), third largest producer of caps for bottled water in the European market; and Mirvi (Brazil), leading producer for the edible oil, brick and soft drinks markets.
  • The Company has 250 FTEs and over 30 years of experience in the sector. Betapack sells more than 10 billion caps to large food groups around the world.

Value Creation

  • Reinforced management team structure.
  • Strong R&D focus and development of new products in anticipation of the industry trends.
  • Design and execution of expansion plan to enter new clients and consolidate existing ones.
  • Capacity expansion and operational improvements in production process.