Alantra to pay an interim dividend of €0.50 per share

Date 15 December 2018

Type Corporate News

Today, Alantra’s Board of Directors has approved the payment of an interim dividend of €0.50 per share to its shareholders. Payment date will be December 17, 2018

This dividend payment is in line with Alantra’s aim to offer an attractive shareholder’s remuneration and represents an increase of 6.4% compared to last year’s interim dividend of €0.47 per share

The dividend, together with the €0.37 per share distributed in May 2018, results in a dividend yield of 6.2%[1] YTD

[1] The dividend yield was calculated dividing the dividends paid by Alantra in the present year ( €0.37 per share in May and the approved €0.50 per share in December) by the average closing share price during the last month ( €13.97 per share).