Alantra Private Equity bets on the technology and international development of Grupo Ingenium

Date 25 July 2018

Type Alternative Asset Management

Madrid– The Private Equity fund Alantra PEF III acquires a majority stake in Grupo Ingenium Tecnología. With this acquisition, Alantra closes the sixth investment of Alantra PEF III and reaffirms its willingness to continue investing in new projects with great projection of international growth.

Telecommunications holding Grupo Ingenium was founded in 2009 with 100% Spanish capital. It is specialized in the design and development of infrastructure and network services for mobile and fixed telephone operators. Today, with clients in more than 10 countries, it has become one of the main references in the sector with a consolidated evolution over time and a huge international projection, which has sparked the interest of Alantra that now has acquired a majority stake of Grupo Ingenium.

The activity of Grupo Ingenium is diversified into several highly complementary and value-added business lines for its clients: design and development of technology for virtual mobile operators (MVNOs), operation and service as a platform for mobile services for virtual mobile operators, platform of IoT / M2M services, technology for critical communications such as Teleassistance or Private Security and, its latest project, technology for authentication and remote opening.

Currently, with a turnover of more than 40 million euros in the last financial year, Grupo Ingenium has more than one hundred employees in Spain and this without taking into account the teams of the subsidiaries operating in Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

The Group started with JSC Ingenium, the first of the companies, founded in 1996. Two young telecommunications engineers with a strong entrepreneurial character, Sergio Cano and José Losada, laid the groundwork of what today has become one of the clearest examples of leadership and dedication to always be at the top, breaking molds and revolutionizing the way of understanding and creating solutions. Innovation, passion and a strong focus on the pursuit of professional excellence and the client, have made JSC the first technology provider for MVNOs in Spain and one of the main references in the sector worldwide. Its innovative and new technology is deployed in more than 60 mobile operators, both network and virtual, on three continents and has served as a base for the other subsidiaries of the group.

The agreement reached between the two parties implies that the management team will continue to lead the project, guaranteeing its customers the continuity of the operation, and most importantly, ensuring its future projection. In the words of Sergio Cano, “the development of the Group inevitably continues with the strong commitment to internal R&D, an unequivocal part of our DNA and that has allowed us to have the latest technology developed completely in-house, by strengthening our presence at a national level and, above all, at an international level in Europe and Latin America. In this sense, Alantra’s support and commitment will be critical to speed up times and be more competitive.”

In addition, the transaction includes the incorporation of 100% of Alineasol (specialized in the creation of customer service technology and business support systems), a company with which already existed close operational and shareholding links since 2010 and which now becomes an integral part of Grupo Ingenium.

The agreement between Alantra and Grupo Ingenium is the confirmation of a successful strategy and recognition of a well done job.

Bruno Delgado, Partner of Alantra Private Equity, “highlights the work done and the successes achieved so far and bets that Grupo Ingenium continues to grow and revolutionize the Telecommunications sector, both nationally and internationally.”

The terms of the operation are confidential.