Alantra Partners – Urgent extraordinary measures to deal with the economic and social impact of COVID-19

Date 26 March 2020

Type Corporate News

Alantra Partners, S.A. (“Alantra“), in compliance with article 226 of Law 4/2015 of 23 October, which approves the revised text of the Spanish Securities Market Law, and article 17 of Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014 of the European Parliament and Council of 16 April on market abuse, makes public the following


The Board of Directors of Alantra, under the provisions of article 41 of Royal Decree Law 8/2020, on urgent extraordinary measures to deal with the economic and social impact of COVID-19, has agreed that the Board meeting for the formulation of the annual accounts for 2019 will be held during the month of June. Consequently, the proposal to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting regarding the distribution of complementary dividends attributable to the aforementioned financial year is postponed until then, when there will be greater visibility of the company’s situation and prospects. The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting will be held no later than 31 October 2020.

As reported in the results presentation made public on February 26, 2009, Alantra’s consolidated net profit for 2019 was 40.2 million euros. Of this profit, an amount of 22.8 million euros (0.60 euros per share) has already been distributed as a dividend and an additional amount of 16.8 million euros (0.44 euros per share) is available for payment. The consolidated equity figure at the end of the year is Euros 211.2 million, of which Euros 95.9 million are liquid assets.

Madrid, 25 March 2020