Alantra REIM is our real estate platform with a special focus in hospitality assets in Iberia (vacation assets and resorts). With over €170m of AuM, we offer preferred access to the market for institutional investors and family offices, including off-market situations, according to our clients’ risk/return profiles through funds, club deals and separate accounts. We are experienced in managing the full real estate investment lifecycle. Alantra REIM has invested more than €1.2bn in 44 deals in Germany, Spain and the UK.

  • Hotels: specialized platform for the hospitality sector focused on investment in undermanaged vacation assets with active operating or financial management requirements.
  • Commercial Real Estate: acquisition of commercial real estate assets (offices and retail) to benefit from the recovery of the occupational market.

AREAM offers investment opportunities in alternative living spectrum in Southern Europe. We can help clients access assets encompassing nursing homes, co-living and student housing. Both the aging and student populations in Europe are increasing which means nursing homes and co-living / student housing sectors are ripe for investment opportunities.

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