People and Culture

Alantra is organized as a partnership, finely balancing the management autonomy of its partners with accountability. As such we try to ally with enterprising professionals who are keen to manage their businesses with significant autonomy and who by extension ultimately assume full responsibility for such management. Our partners value the opportunity to work in a decentralized and burocracy-free organization governed by the principle of autonomous decision-making resource management in exchange for assuming full ultimate responsibility, i.e. we are entrepreneurs within a corporate structure.

Alantra’s growth model has been based on partnerships with local teams or to start up in new countries always through a flexible an innovative model that has been a determining factor in terms of attracting talent and become the company that we are. We are a flexible and innovative organization that has always shown its capacity to quickly adapt to market needs.

Another key pillar is the alignment of interests given our remuneration system and the fact that the groups’ executive partners hold 38.5% of the parent’s equity and in some cases a stake of its subsidiaries. This is a guarantee for our clients and shareholders and also for our partners on a relative basis