Our talent management team is committed to providing opportunities to our professionals to realize their potential within Alantra. We’ve worked hard to develop the right tools and infrastructure to ensure our professionals’ careers are facilitated and developed in the right way for them and for the firm. There are two overarching tenets in our approach to achieving this: plotting a career path and enabling internal mobility.

“Alantra’s global structure not only offers but encourages its employees to further develop their careers on a global scale.”
Juan Carlos Montoya

Creating a path

We have designed a career path that covers every aspect of our professionals’ careers, from understanding role requirements to building strategies to progress so that our people know what it takes to achieve career progression.

“I started as an intern in January 2018, when Alantra was pretty new in Paris. During my interview in September 2017, I met three people from the team. They made me want to join the company as I identified with the project they presented: a brand that wanted to make its mark, an international DNA by nature and a hard-working team willing to conquer the French market, supported by international means.” – Alexandre Maroufi, Vice President.

Internal placements

We believe that being exposed to professional situations outside of comfort zones can build a career. We make it possible for every Alantra professional to move within the firm, whether that means taking advantage of our truly international approach by working in different locations around the globe, or moving within different teams and sectors.



“I joined Alantra Corporate Finance team in July 2013 at the Frankfurt office. Since then, I’ve been witness to the remarkable development of the group and its impressive international expansion. Alantra’s global structure not only offers but encourages its employees to further develop their careers on a global scale. For instance, I’ve had the opportunity to join my Spanish colleagues at the Madrid office for c. 1 year. During this time, I was involved in a number of cross-border projects with international clients. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is the opportunity to work alongside a group of highly capable, knowledgeable and driven professionals in a truly international environment.” Juan Carlos Montoya (Director, Corporate Finance Germany)