Alantra announces the 2022 promotions

Date 22 April 2022

Alantra, the global investment banking and asset management specialist, is proud to announce the promotion of eleven Directors, nine Managing Directors and sixteen Partners for this fiscal year.  

Each of these individuals have demonstrated Alantra’s core values through their excellent performance, autonomy and sense of duty within our diverse organization. We are confident they will successfully face the new challenges and responsibilities ahead and we look forward to witnessing all that they can do in Alantra. 

The 2022 promotions are another example of the Firm’s ongoing efforts to nurture the careers of our most talented individuals, as well as empowering the next generation of leaders. 

Congratulations to our new Directors, Managing Directors and Partners 


  • Alex Arquilliére- Spain- Credit Portfolio Advisory 
  • Brian Minnock- Ireland- Credit Portfolio Advisory
  • Elisa Patricia Suhl- Germany- Corporate Finance 
  • John Zhou- China- Corporate Finance 
  • Jon de Perdigo- Spain- Corporate Finance 
  • Juan Luis Torres- Spain- Private Equity 
  • Michael O’Connel- US- Corporate Finance 
  • Oliver Norman- UK- Corporate Finance 
  • Philipp Holst- Germany- Corporate Finance 
  • Sander de Haan- Nordics- Corporate Finance 
  • Zakaria Kably- France- Corporate Finance 

Managing Directors  

  • Fernando Fernández-Kelly- Spain- Credit Portfolio Advisory 
  • Fernando Ortega- Spain- Private Equity 
  • Fernando Sanz-Pastor- Spain- Private Equity 
  • Jorge Roa- Spain- Corporate Finance 
  • Manuel Fernández- Spain- Corporate Finance 
  • María San Millán- Spain- Credit Portfolio Advisory 
  • Michael O’Sullivan- Credit Portfolio Advisory
  • Nicolas Senlis- France- Corporate Finance 
  • Zhongmin Pi- China- Corporate Finance 


  • Carmelo Medrano- Spain- Solar Energy 
  • Christian Barrot- Switzerland- Corporate Finance 
  • Christopher Jobst- Germany- Corporate Finance 
  • Fabrice Scheer- France- Corporate Finance 
  • Íñigo Mateache- Spain- Corporate Finance 
  • Irfan Iqbal- US- Corporate Finance 
  • James Chapman-Andrews- UK- Corporate Finance 
  • Javier Mellado- Spain- Solar Energy 
  • María González de Apodaca- Spain- Corporate Services 
  • Matthew Wiseman- UK- Corporate Finance 
  • Oriane Durvye- France- Corporate Finance 
  • Peer Piske- Spain- Solar Energy 
  • Philipp Krohn- Spain- Corporate Services 
  • Pierre-Louis Nahon- France- Corporate Finance 
  • Rusty Ray- US- Corporate Finance 
  • Xavier Pujol- Spain- Corporate Services